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Parks and gardens

Braga Heritage Lofts is located in front o fone of the most beautifull and emblematic gardens of Braga. Asides from this one, in a few minutes walking distance you can also visit the garden of Biscaínhos or the garden of “Avenida Central”.
In addition to this, a few minutes walk from the hotel, you can also visit the Garden of Biscaínhos or the Garden of Central Avenue. A little further afield, the larger Ponte Park has an artificial lake, a children's playground, a church and a municipal market. Alongside the gardens, and throughout the city, you will find countless other spaces to relax and let time pass slowly ... Alternatively, if you like running, cycling or walking, there are several well-identified pedestrian paths and cycling paths that you can use.


The city of Braga is known for the diversity of its gastronomy. 
Green broth, cornbread, sarrabulho potatoes, cod, roasted kid, veal, ham, sausages and frying pans of Braga are some of the typical dishes. 
Conventual sweets are another of our specialties.
But if you prefer international and contemporary food, there are also many options in the city of Braga. 


Braga is known for its vast architectural heritage.
We leave you some suggestions, next to Braga Heritage Lofts.
Due to the location of our hotel, within a few meters you can find a great diversity of religious, cultural, commercial and administrative buildings.
Just in front of the Heritage, you will find the Municipal Library, the Town Hall and the Porta Nova Arch, located in an area of small and old commercial streets with lots of cafes, restaurants, shops of traditional products.
In the opposite direction to these buildings, who goes to this, the Congregate Convent.
To the south, we suggest a visit to the Braga Cathedral, the Pio XII Museum and the Ray's Palace.

Major Events in the City

Braga is a city full of dynamism and animation.
The festivities of Saint John, the oldest and largest of Saint John's festivals in Portugal, the Holy Week celebrations, Braga Romana, the White Night and the traditional São Silvestre Race are some of the festivities that animate the city throughout the year. its people and attracting people from all over the country and from all over the world. 

Christmas - December

New Year's Eve - december/january

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